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Please pass me a tissue…

April 2nd, 2012


I can remember struggling to get some adults to participate in this project. And I know many who just didn’t, for whatever reason. Then we experience an outpouring of care and attention that makes you want to shed a tear. These are the messages we received from Durbin Creek Elementary and Fruit Cove Middle, two schools attended by the grandchildren of Pam Zambetti, my friend and gallery manager at Southlight Gallery. Pam reached out and got the teachers in the schools involved. They made it a very special project. The messages were delivered by police officer A. Smith. At first I thought we were in some kind of trouble. It’s not often that a police officer comes by the studio.

Special thanks to Ms Greening, Art Teacher at Fruit Cove Middle School, and Ms. Sallas, Third Grade Teacher at Durbin Creek Elementary. It goes to show that teachers make all the difference in the world. Well done!

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