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The Phrases

3,790 unique phrases were received from 6,107 messages. Here they are:

You make me feel happy that the USA is safe
Thank you soldiers for helping us
Love and peace to you
Soldiers of the army, good job
Thanks for protecting us, troops
God loves you today
And thanks for all you do
Thank you for your sacrifice
Be strong as the rope
Thanks for all you do!
Get your ass home now.
You r a blessing
Be strong be brave!
Stay safe-come home soon!
Stay strong, we support you
Don’t you forget about me
Thank you so very much
I am thinking of you
Faith in your heart and soul
Jesus loves you
Stay strong brother, come home
You can’t handle the truth!
Thank you for your service
You rock thank you
Military, you make America proud
We love you guys. Thanks
Praying for your safe return
Thank you for your service. We are so very proud and thankful for the sacrifices you make on a daily basis. You are in our prayers to return home safely!!!
Land of the free, home of the brave
We are proud. We thank you. We support you. Be safe.
A million thanks to all our U.S. Military Men and Women for past, present, for their sacrifices, dedication, and service to our country, we thank you and pray for you daily!
You’re forever appreciate, never forgotten.
Thank you for keeping us safe!
Thank you for our freedom
Thanks for all you do
Blessings, love sent to all
Joy of knowing we’re protected
Merci pour votre service
Maraming salamat sa iyong paglilingkod
Gracias por tu sacrificio; pazy amor
Thank you for the many sacrifices that you make so the air I breathe stays free, bless you and your family
God is watching all of you
Thanks for your service and love
Peace not war
You all rock
Strength be with you always
Hurry home
Please make it home safe
Thank you for all you do
Sorry you have to be there
My family appreciates your sacrifice
May God be with you
Keep up the good job
We love you stay strong
Your sacrifices are not forgotten
May God bless USA Soldiers
God be with you all, amen
We love you, support you
Your families are waiting now
May God bless you-Amen
Great job, keep it up!
From Mason to someone. Thank you for making us healthy. thank you for making a safe place for us. Thank you for guarding us. Thank you for going out there and fighting. Thank you for getting them
Don’t give up, family waiting
Thanks for protecting our freedom
Thanks for our freedom
Peace be with you
America is a great country
Freedom comes at a price
Thank you for serving! We all appreciate you!
HI Dad
Have faith, love others and care
Stay safe. Be strong
God bless you & thank you
Thank you for serving! Love you
Thanks for my family’s freedom
Hope for peace to USA
Love you, son and daddy
See you home soon
Thank you for all your service
God has faith in you
Brother in Christ and arms, your labor of love is not in vain
You are of valor, soldier
You are true heroes!
Veterans are our best friends
God bless, thanks for all you do
God bless! We love you!
river div 593 Vietnam 68-69, thanks
God bless all our military
Thank you for your hard work and dedication, God bless
You guys rock
Thank you army
Athletes aren’t heroes, you are
Thank you military and troops
Thanks to the military for all they have done
I am proud of you
I care for my troops
God bless you for serving
Hope is with the troops
Army people are good people, proud
You rock, curly’s dad
go troops, protect the people
All troops are the best
Army people are good people
The army are strong people
The army won the war
USA, strong in helping others
Thanks for all you’ve done
Thanks for helping, love liberty
We care for your help
The army is strong
You rock, m. curly’s dad
we are thankful for you
Y’all are brave and strong
Thanks for caring about America
Thank you for your sacrifices
Support our troops
I look up to y’all
Thank u troops for protecting our country and I would love to say that God bless them and I hope you stay safe.
You make America very proud
Thank you for fighting for our country, you are a proud American
Fight for what’s right
We love you
Thank you for helping save our freedom : )
Thank you for supporting us
Thank you for everything you do
Thank you for serving our country
We support you
You guys are amazing people
Thanks for risking you life
Thanks troops for your hard work
You are in our prayers
We are proud of you
Keep on fighting
God bless all of you
God bless you, thank you
We appreciate you all
You are all heroes
Thank you for keeping us safe, God bless you
I am very thankful, thank you so much
We love you all
Thank you for all your work
Proud to be an American
God bless you all
America home of the brave
Thank you for fighting for us
Thank you we love you
Peace within yourself makes happiness
Love like you mean it
Live life to the fullest
Make your own luck always
Thank you God bless you
Thanks for doing what you’re doing
Thank you for protecting our freedom
There are not enough words to describe what you and your family does for us and the country. I salute you.
Thank you for defending us
Come home safe (family)
For all in the home
We are so thankful to have you and think about you all often. God bless you
May you be blessed and remain safe while you are protecting us and our country
God bless you and your family. You are a hero
thanks for your service
Hope all is well
We appreciate your service
Thank you for your support
You are angels on Earth
Stay strong, love God
Peace be with you always
Stay low
We thank you very much
Thanks for your service and sacrifice
You’re the best hero ever
Thank you for fighting for our country and for saving our lives
You are a brave hero
I love my American troops
Thank you for fighting for our country
Thank you for helping
Veteran it’s the greatest sacrifice
I feel caring and giving
Thank you for protecting us
Thank you very much
Thank you for fighting for us and saving our lives
Thank you for the support
Thank you for your service and thank you for keeping us free and you’re the best
Thank you for our free country
Thank you family
I love and miss you
Thank you for saving us
Thank you for everything you did
We support you home
Thanks for saving us
You are my hero
Thank you for freedom
Thank you for your help
Thank you for helping us
You can do this ok
I admire what you do
Keep fighting for us
Thank you for serving this country
Thank you for your bravery
Thank you for your service you’re the best heroes thank you for fighting for our country thank you for keeping us free
I care about you
Thanks for keeping us safe
Thank you for fighting for our country you’re the best heroes ever
Thanks for all
Thank you for serving your country
Thanks for keeping us free
Keep fighting for our freedom
God bless you
Thank you for the freedom
you are a strong person
I approve of you
Thank you for are freedom
Miss you
I thank you for fighting
Thank you for everything
You guys are brave and courageous
Proud that you’re my hero
God bless you brave heroes
I appreciate you.
It’ll be alright
So others may live USA
God loves you
USA my country your country
Thank you for your service! I have brothers who both just returned from tours and my family and I stand behind all of the sacrifices you have made. Best wishes for the holidays and Merry Christmas!
Your bravery is amazing
Thank you for your courage
praying for you
You’re my hero veterans
I hope you have a merry christmas
you’re my hero
Thank you for your service and May God be with you forever and always
God bless you so much
You’re awesome, loving & brave
Thanks for serving our country
You guys are amazing
We love you. We appreciate you. Thank you so much
Thank you for serving
I’m grateful for your service
Thanks for all your work
Bring you home safe
Promote peace. Live long.
You’re very brave
Thanks for your courage
Thanks for everything you do
I’m thankful for you
You are bro
God bless America
Thank you isn’t enough
We pray for your return
We love you. Be safe
God bless and protect our troops
Thank you for your giving
In you and God we trust
God bless you for your service
May you all come home safely
Thank you for your service and sacrifice. We appreciate you.
We are so proud of you
Come home safe
Your strength keeps us safe
2 child of Gods
2 hug of warmth
Thank you for all that you are doing
Come home soon as possible
All women are created equal
Thank you forever
I cannot imagine but thanks
Hang in there. My hero
Live with no regrets
You guys are the best
Know I believe in you
We are behind you
Come back to us safely
Come home safe. Peace now
You make me proud
Come home now. God’s mercy
Thank you for everything. I don’t know you and this is more than 5 words but I love you
Thank you so much “dawg”
Thank you noble brave warriors
What you do is amazing
Thank you from Jacksonville, Florida
Always praying for you
You are loved by many
You are appreciated.stay safe
We love you guys
All men are created equal
We support you. Keep faith
Come back in one piece
Thank you for your dedication
May God bless you
God bless. Keep it up
Howdy folks. Come on home
Hope you kick ass soldier
With God we are strong
Come home soon. Be brave
Thank you for your commitment
May God keep you
We pray daily for your safe return
Thank you for my freedom
Thank you for serving us
Please watch over our troops
Courage & strength sent to you
Words are not enough
Gahbless ya’ll for everything yuhdo
Your dedication is immensely appreciated
You are all American heroes
You guys rock. Go army
Thank you united hero America
On behalf of me and my family I want to thank you for you unselfish sacrifice thank you give to our wonderful country. I have no idea of your religious or political beliefs but want you to know that there are a lot of people praying for all of our young men and women that have willingly placed themselves in harms way to protect our country and our freedom.
Thank you for your service and sacrifice. We are free thanks to you
Thank you for your time, dedication and sacrifice. Because of you we are strong and safe as a nation.
Successful because of you
Thank you for your service and dedication to our country. Most people will never see (or even hear about) what you you do, but rest assured that they are thankful for the freedom they are afforded because of you
Hurry home protectors of peace
“veni,vidi, vici”, you did
We thank you
Psalm 34:18
You guys are awesome
USA loves you
You’re a friend to all of us
Keep world peace
Keep in touch
You’re a hero
be safe
keep up the great work
You’re doing a great job
You’re the best
You’re so cool
you’re awesome
Have fun
You are great
You’re a hero to me
you rock
You can still hope
Awesome work
Thank you so much
You’re super, keep it up
Thanks a lot
You’re my friend
Be proud
You are the best
You’re totally awesome
Thanks for serving the U.S.
You can do it
Great work
Keep your hopes up
Veterans rock
We are glad
It is our Independence Day
You are amazing
God is helping you
You will win
Nice work
Have hope
You’re doing good
I’m proud of you
Hold your head up, boy!
Thanks we love you
God bless our troops
Thank you for giving hope
muchas gracias por todo lo que hacen
your are wonderful, thank you
Joy is everywhere, joy in the world, you help people find it, thanks
Home is waiting for you
For your sacrifice, I’m blessed
Truly love you all
God’s peace be with you
You are inspiring, thank you
No words express enough gratitude
Thanks you sacrificed for me
I thank you very much
You’re in our prayers always
Thanks you for our lives, USA
Thanks you, now come home
Jesus loves you, thank you
We are praying for you
Smiles and hugs for you
I am thankful for all you do
We believe in you
You are loved
Return home safe & sound
No cape, no special powers, no matter, you’re a super hero!
I am praying for you and your safe return
Always grateful, always appreciative
Come home safely, you are a national treasure
May God watch over you
Stay safe God loves you
Thanks for your support
Blessings to you and your families this holiday season
God bless our USA troops
Thanks for all, be happy
Thank you for what you do
Believe in the magic of Christmas
I appreciate your sacrifice
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Thanks
Thanks you for all you do
You have our support
Proud of your effort
Thanks for your service USA
Thank you come home safe
Praying for your safety
Stay strong…love u : ) God bless
Thank you for your service to our country
Have a happy holiday season
You are true American heroes
Faith, keep the faith
Merry Christmas
I value what you do, thank you
Have hope, stay encouraged
Peace, may you have peace
Thinking of your dedication, thank you
Our country thanks you
Thanks for providing safety, USA
We thank you, Merry Christmas
I appreciate my freedom, thanks
Hang in there, it’s almost over
Thanks for your service, USA
Keep calm and rock on!
Be encouraged, keep the faith
Keep smiling you are missed
You are important and what you do
Stay encouraged
May God bless your soul
You guys are my heroes
God bless and thank you
Thanks for the protection Peace
Blessings to you and yours
Bless you, thank you, great job, here’s to you
Keep up the good work
Peace on Earth
Your service made this Christmas a safe one
Always do the right thing
Merry Christmas to you
Thanks you May God bless
Many blessings to you
Happy holidays, thank you for protecting us
Courage in time of war
Thank you much
Really appreciate all you’ve done
God bless you this holiday season, thank you for all you do.
We love you, thank you
Wishing you a Merry Christmas
Please come back safe
Thank you for your patriotism
Thanks for ensuring our freedom
Blessings to you, thank you! Love, peace, cheer to you
Thanks for your service, Merry Christmas
Appreciate your dedication and hard work
Thanks for your service Merry Christmas
Keep the hope up, always
You guys are great
Y’all are so smart
Please be strong
Be safe, come home safe
Y’all are the best
I love you
Thanks from T, I love y’all
Y’all have a nice life
fight fight fight!
I will always care
I love y’all troops
Thank you for your work
We are counting on you
Good luck troops
You are the best ever
Be strong
God will always love y’all
True love lasts through a war
Please soldiers come home
Brave men of valor, keep your hopes alive, here at home we will strive, to remind you to be strong. We will be here to support you; so keep marching on soldiers; keep marching on.
Keep up your heroic efforts
Thanks for your time
He will always be with you
Bless your heart
God is always with you
I love my freedom-thank you
Your service is greatly appreciated
Merry Christmas to our awesome troops
A big thank you to you and yours at this time of year
Because of you…We have freedom! Love and light, God bless.
Thank you, Merry Christmas
Thanks for your courage and dedication
God is love
I pray for your safe return
Keeping y’all in our thoughts
May God continue to bless you and your family
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Happy holidays from your friends at BCBS
Be safe! Happy Holidays and happy New year
Thank you. Peace and love
Happiness for always
Your work is greatly appreciated
Don’t worry be happy
You are loved and missed
Thank you and hurry home
Thanks you for your service, can’t wait to have you home
USA rocks, we love you
Know that we appreciate you
Thank you for all you do, God bless you
Love, let the love of God always abide in you.
Merry Christmas and Happy holidays from Jacksonville Florida
Merry Christmas, stay safe and hurry home
You are so amazing, thank you for all you do
Be encouraged Jesus loves you
I would like to say thank you for doing your job and protecting us and our children. As a fellow veteran, I know what you are going through. So thanks again and be blessed. -Grateful American
I’m safe because you serve
God bless you for all you do, happy holidays
Thanks for serving our country, God bless
You are amazing thank you
Come home safe thanks
Thank God for your safety and peace
We love you, go USA
Thanks you for your service
May you safely return home
God bless you, be safe
Gracias for your sacrifice
Come home soon, means no more mre’s!
To my beloved son, husband,father, daughter and mother: My heart goes out to you for all that you have done. I cannot tell you how much I love you and I am thankful for all that you sacrifice to keep this nation safe.-love you, mom,daughter, wifey, aunt, grandma
Come home soon brave soldier
Thank you for your service to our country. Your courage is phenomenal. Happy holidays to you.
Be blessed and Merry Christmas
God bless you, Feliz Navidad
God bless you, thanks a million
I appreciate you, thank you
Please come home safely
God bless you, love you
Peace for you and your family
Our prayers are with you
We love your dedication
Oscar, Nathen, Penny, Vivian-BCBSFL
Wishing you the best
God bless the U.S.
You will never be forgotten
Thank you for all you do, Happy Holidays
Have faith
Thank you
Stand strong on the front line
Bravery, dedicated, committed is what you are
Thank you and God bless
May God cover your family
We love you troops
God bless you and protect you
Come home soon
Love ya
We honor your strength and courage
God bless the USA
Bless you for all you do to protect America, be safe
You are doing a great job
Hug someone today, smile, laugh
We (BCBSFL) support out troops
Come home soon, happy holidays, thank you for your support
I pray God’s blessing over you.
Have courage, come home soon
Come home safe, happy holidays
Be safe, U.S. Behind you
Keeping us proud
Peace & comfort be with you
Your service is very appreciated
Season’s greetings
Merry Christmas and God bless
Happy holidays and God bless
Strength in numbers
Your time is greatly appreciated
Appreciate what you do
Happy holidays, thank you for your service. Come home soon
Merry Xmas, home soon
God bless you and thanks
Have courage, you can
Happy holidays
Thanks for protecting our country
God bless you and thank you
God is watching, he knows
Be safe….I care! Thanks
You are all the bomb
Thank you very very much
Happy holidays, you’re loved
May your holidays be bright
Faith, courage, honor, thanks, and best of love….The greatest gift came from above and you’re not alone
Bless you, thank you
Merry Xmas
Thank you for all you have given
Remember you are loved
Thank you for being brave
Thanks for your patriotism
Happy holidays, thank you for your service
Thank you is not enough
Stay strong, believe
The wonder is you
Stay strong in faith
Hello, I would like to thank and honor you for your courage and bravery, God bless you
Happy holidays, thanks so much
Thank you be safe while protecting us
Happy holidays, be blessed
You are totally awesome
Your sacrifice is greatly appreciated
We love you, thanks
You are the greatest gift of all
Merry Christmas, you are admired and loved
Thank you, God bless you
I am truly grateful for all the sacrifices you have made
Continue prayers 2 U
We cannot thank you enough, thank you for protecting our freedom and liberty
Happy that you are one of the many special people that fight for our freedom. We appreciate it.
May the Lord bless you and keep you. You are not forgotten. You are appreciated and loved. Trust Jesus always
Best wishes for the holidays
Love and peace, have a safe return home
You’re not taken for granted
Wishing nothing but the best this holiday season, safe return
Your sacrifice is appreciated
Welcome home troops, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Caring, giving your life for us
Wonderful job, well done, peace
Live good, stay good, do good
Thinking of you, hope, love
Thank you for all you do, may God bless
Future for our children
Your sacrifice isn’t in vain
We appreciate you
God bless, stay safe
Thank you for protecting me
Thank you and God bless you
Season’s greetings, thank you
Thank you, God bless, peace
All things are possible
God’s hands are on you
Good times ahead, get there
You are appreciated and loved, trust Jesus always
Your service ensures our freedom
God bless you, Peace, Love
Thank you for your sacrifice and courage
As a military wife, thank you.
Wishing you and yours a happy holiday
Thank you, peace on Earth
God bless you and America
Thanks for all your support
Your work keeps me safe, bless you
Thank you for your courage and sacrifice
Be safe and hurry home
I know freedom isn’t free
Thanks for securing our freedom
Thank you for keeping us safe
Thank you, you are special
Safe and Happy return to USA
God bless our troops, thanks
Safe return to loved ones
Thank you, Peace. Have hope, courage, and faith
Happy holidays and Happy New Year
My dear servicemen, Prayers for safe return home.
Safety to you and yours
Thanks for your great sacrifice
You are the example of the American spirit. May you find good health this coming year.
Praying for you, with love
My dear soldier, Thinking of all of you during this holiday season. Be safe and come home soon. Your service keeps us “free”, thanks.
Now I lay me down to sleep, thank you
Safe return to your family
Happy holidays, peace on Earth
Your Service is greatly appreciated-GS 103
Thank you for all you’ve done
Support our troops all over the world
Live to be free, pray
Proud of you, good job
You’re really nice, good job
Hour of peace, time to care
Thank God
God be with you
Give your life for freedom
Thank you, God is with you
Thanks for being strong and courageous
We love, believe and have faith in you
Thank you, proud of you
We thank you everyday, thanks
Pray for you
Troops will always be there
Thank you we love you all
Your service makes the world better
Great to be free
Peace for all of you
Did good
We really love y’all
Job well done, thank you
Good job, you did great
Welcome home
Proud of all of you
I am safe, thank you
We are free at last
Job well done
I hope you come home soon
Hats off to our men
God bless our boys
Faith in God
Live your life to the fullest
Thank you, God bless, have hope
Proud of you
Keep the faith and believe
Red white and blue
God and Country
Oh beautiful for spacious skies
Thank you soldiers for keeping us safe
Bless all the troops overseas
God bless all the troops
I’m praying every day for our Lord to watch over all of you and protect you all with love
Brave men-we honor you
We love you troops much
Write your worries in sand
Carve your blessings in stone
We’re praying for all of you, caring and love
U.S. Marines Corps Hymn
God Bless America lyrics
Thank you for all you’ve done. God bless you and keep you safe
I treasure your commitment for freedom, may God always bless you
The Air Force Song by Robert Crawford
The Star Spangled Banner
Come home safely very soon
Marine Corps Song
Air Force Song
U.S. Army Song
We’re free and we’re brave
Freedom from strength and honor
We thank God for you
Thank you for keeping us
May peace be with you
Thanks for fighting
Thank you for all the things you do
Please save my people, faith
Wishing you health
Wishing you happiness
Wishing you love
Wishing you peace
Best wishes
Our prayers are for you
I love you guys a lot
Love you each and everyone
Thanks to all of you
Good job
We want you home soon
Don’t stop rocking
Rock n Roll will never die
Live long and stay strong
God bless
Keep on getting’ er done
I love Ann
Proud of everything you do
Keep the peace, kill the beast
May God bless you always
Love remains strong no matter how far the distance
Thank you, come home safe
Can’t say thank you enough
Come home safe, thank you
We will ride for you
Keep calm and carry on
Thankful, love, proud, son, America
We owe you a debt
Thanks for doing this thing
Thank you U.S. Armed Forces
I greatly appreciate our troops
God bless and good luck
You’re RAD, call me…..
Stay true in what you do
Please come back home soon
Thank you heroes, much love
One day at a time…
Happy New Year
We’re all in your debt
Get your *ss home soon
We are proud of you, be safe
I do what I want – C
Taylor says thanks
You are sexy, seriously, the very very sexiest, thank you
Welcome home guys, woo hoo
You all are the best
Thank you for our freedom -Kiwanis
May the good Lord bless you -Kiwanis
A simple thanks for your service -Kiwanis
Your efforts have not gone unnoticed, thank you -Kiwanis
Thanks for your patriotism and service
Thanks for your service, hero
Get your 20 in. We are proud of you
Thanks for your service, your country appreciates and loves you
Happy holidays and a great 2012
You are our heroes
Appreciated more than you think
Happy holidays and a safe & prosperous 2012
We are so appreciative of what you do, come home safe and sound
Return home safe
God bless you with love
Best wishes with love
You have my deep appreciation and support. I know a little about what you have endured. -An old WWII Navy Veteran
Happy Holidays and a safe 2012
My prayers are with you, God bless
Best dad, best mom, best friend
“We” couldn’t be more proud
Thank you Daddy
Thanks for being a hero
In God we trust
You are my heroes
Wishing you a safe return
My brother is a Marine
Thanks for everything
Be safe and strong
Thanks for saving the world
Stay safe
Dear, you deserve a beer
Ultimate sacrifice, you are America
You guys rock, thank you
Home of the brave
The dog days are over
Merry Christmas, you rock
You make freedom love possible
Thank you, heroes come home
Being a former service member, I greatly thank you for your service and dedication-thank you
You are brave, thank you
Thanks for everything…awesome
You guys are America, thank you
You rock, thank you
I love the USCG
We must protect our house
Thank you for giving us freedom
Blow the bad guys up
May the Lord protect you
You are really really brave
You’re what makes us smile
Thank you for keeping us free and you’re the best
I appreciate your hard work
God bless you forever hero
I learn a lot from you
Thank you for all you do, love you
Come home safely and soon
You do matter to us, thank you
Thank you for risking your life for our country
Always stay strong, together, forever
I appreciate what you do, I’ll join you one day
Thank you for all your support and courage
Serve with honor for us
Thank you for protecting the U.S.
Keep you head up
I love you, thank you
Good job, I love y’all
Thank you for all that you do
Thanks for fighting to save my life, come home safe
Thank you for fighting for us, I love you
The Navy is great
Thank you for all you’ve done for us
My name is Allie, I’m 17, I’m saying thank you
Thank you for fighting for us and our country
You go girl
Keep it up and come back home, thank you
Thanks, I am grateful for you
Thanks, I love you
Hope everything is ok over there
Thank you for fighting for our freedom, it’s amazing
Camden loves our troops, oo rah
We appreciate you, keep fighting
You’re amazing, we miss and love you – Navy Swag
Thanks for all that you do
Thank you for all that you do for this country
Thanks for your work
Life has rough roads, but sunshine always comes, we love you
Thanks dude
Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done for the country, we love you and appreciate you
I just want to say you are awesome and y’all are all sexy troops
We all love y’all
We appreciate what you are doing, we love you
Have a good day bro
Thanks for fighting for us
Come home safe, I’ll be there soon
Thank you for your hard work
Thank you for being there fighting for me
We appreciate your service, we love you
Thank you for risking your lives for our freedom
You are amazing, we love you
Thanks for your hard work and dedication
Hang in there, remember what you got back home
Come home safe, we love you
Thank you for everything, God bless
Thank you for keeping families safe
Thanks for all your hard work and dedication – Sticks
Keep up the good work troops, thank you for serving our country
Smile, I’m thinking of you
Come home safe, thanks for everything
Stay ahead
Honor and country wins wars
We love the Navy
Thank you, you do matter
You’re amazing, America appreciates your honor
Camden County HS NJROTC
Thank you for all that you have done
Let’s see some gritted teeth
Make us proud, lots of love, God bless
Best luck
Come back soon
Thanks y’all for doing your job
Thanks for your courage, dedication and honor
Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you get, stay safe
We love you for all the hard work you’ve done for our country
Thank you for all you do for us
I love the Marines, go Troops
Thank you for serving our country, I hope this finds you in good health
Love you thanks
Thanks for all you do for me
Courage is being afraid but going on anyway
Shirt stayz
We support our troops
Thank you Dad-Calysta
Thanks for everything, God bless
Waz up, thank you for your service
Thank you for your service, kick *ss
Thank you for your hard work, be safe and hope to see you soon
Awesome guys
I thank all you are doing
Thank you so much you made my day
You’re loved, thanks for protecting us
Thank you for defending our country, may God continue to bless you
Thanks Dad, support our troops
Thanks for saving the U.S.A.
Thank you Dad for serving
We appreciate what you do, keep up the great work
I feel honored by your actions and hope you see your loved ones soon
Thank you for all you’ve done to support us, God bless you
Thanks for doing everything you can for me
This is America and proud
We appreciate what you are doing
Thanks for protecting the U.S.A.
Never lose faith in what you’re doing, you’re doing what’s right, love you
Thank you so much, dawg
Thank you so much, it means bunches to us here
With a Mom and Dad overseas, I know what it feels like worrying about a loved one, I’m praying for you guys
Keep it real, get home safe
Thanks for protecting our lands
I may not know you but I give thanks for all you are doing for our country, come home safe
Thank you for serving our country and putting your life on the line for our freedom, Come home safely, we love you
Thank you for what you have done for our country
Thank you for all you are doing, wish you were here, Merry Christmas
Thank you for your service to our country and for the wonderful job you are doing – Cadet JD
Thank you fro being away and defending us. I am thankful…I can’t wait until I get out of HS because I want to go in the military.
Come home safe, we’re very proud of you, our liberty watchdog-MC RJC
Love and appreciate what you do, you guys are great people, we all appreciate your service, get back
Thank you for protecting our country, God bless you
Hope you make it home safely
To all the troops, thank you, some may not think of your job as special and that basic training can do everything, but I understand that no training in the world can prepare anyone for what you do, thank you – Cadet G
Thank you for your service, make it back safe
Thank you for your service and hard work and thank you for fighting for my freedom
We cannot thank you enough for protecting our country, Merry Christmas
I’m so proud of what you do for Camden County HS. We appreciate it more than you know As Dory would say, “Just keep swimming, so just keep pushing forward cause one day I would like to be where you are protecting this country. You guys inspired me. Thank you so much, from an appreciative cadet. Come home soon & safe
Thank you for all your service in helping our country and others
We love you! We are glad that you are trying to fight for our country. We hope that you will come home soon
I love our troops
Thank you so much for always protecting us
Wish you could be home for Xmas
Stay safe, thank you for putting your life out for our country’s safety. My dad was a devil dog but his 4th deployment to Iraq an IED ended his military career. Stay Safe! And can’t wait to see you back here. No more MRE’s we got Mickey D’s – Cadet J
Thank you for fighting for my life and my freedom. It’s a true honor to live in a country like ours -Cadet T
Thank you for your service and fighting for our country’s freedom, we appreciate what you have done
Merry Christmas, we all wish you were home. We all appreciate what you are doing. Thank you for fighting for our freedom, come home safe.
It’s what you make of it, with love
Thank you for your service, hope you make it home for Christmas
Thanks for serving
Thank you for protecting me and my country. I wish you could be home. -GV
To the troops fighting for our country, I thank you for what you are doing and I hope you get home safely to see your family and friends. You people are my inspiration to joining the military. Thank you for what you are doing. -Cadet D
You have no idea how much your service means to all the ROTC community. We all wish you could be home for Christmas.
Thank you for what you do. I hope you can be home with your families for Christmas. I wish you a Merry Christmas.
Sup dawg
Appreciate you
Thank you for everything, I love you
Thank you for serving our country and come home safe
Thank you for your service I hope you can make it home by Christmas
Come back safe
Thank you for your service, come home soon – Cadet J
I wish you a Merry Christmas
I wish you could be home for Christmas, thank you for everything
You’re amazing
Thank you for your service, we appreciate it
Be strong, we luv y’all
Love you
Keep your faith
Thanks for what you are doing
Thank you for the work you’ve done to help everyone
Bless you
Gracias, thank you
We love our troops
Keep on, thanks for your service
We love y’all keep strong
I really appreciate what you are doing for your country and I wish you could be here
We love our troops, thanks for everything
May God bless you, a good soldier never dies
Keep it up, it’s Christmas
I appreciate how you fight for me
PSA 121:1, Keep the faith man, hold strong, you’ll be home soon. Merry Christmas
Thank you for all you do, I hope you have a safe and Merry Xmas – Cadet T
Good luck, thanks for everything
Thank you, we love you
No person was ever honored for what he received but what he gave
I appreciate you, thank you for protecting us
Come back safely, we miss you
Tritan, we love you, you’re the 1
We thank you, I love you
Thank you for doing your part
The message may contain an unruly child
Good job for you
You’re amazing, thank you for all you do
Come back, love you
Your family loves you
Dear soldiers, thank you – VES
Thank you, with all love and respect
Good job, thank you
Thank you for your hard work – JP
Thank you, I love you
You’re soo sexy
Come back please, k? …k
Stay bless, thank you
Thanks for fighting for my family
I appreciate you
Thank you so much for protecting our country -former Mil. Brat
Good luck, be safe
You are absolutely amazing, Thank you for everything
Thanks for all that you do, God bless you
Hi how is it going? Thank you so much for doing what you do
Hope you come home safe
I love you -F
Merry Christmas, thank you, and I love you
We support you 100%
Thank you for your courage and love for the USA
Thank you for your service, and I hope you will be safe and I hope you have a good Christmas. God bless you
We appreciate you, much love
Thanks for everything, you guys are awesome
Thank you for serving our country, come home safe
Dear troops, thank you for all you do -REC
Thank you for your service overseas and wish you were here for Christmas
Thanks for all you do for our country
Thank you for helping to keep our country safe
I am very grateful
We miss u
We care about u
We are proud of what you do
Love of your country
Daughters with pride and glory
Our heroes
World peace
Troops for our freedom
Gratitude to our troops
We love u
We miss your presence
We <3 you
You are missed
We appreciate u
Great men & women of honor
Changed the world
Love for country
Love forever
Stay strong
Have a blessed year
Respect what you do
Beer on me
Return safely
Much thanks
Stay true -Oakleaf High School Key Club
Keep keeping your head up
Be strong, I’m proud of you, stay safe, come home soon
You are a hero, thanks
Welcome home, I love you
You are awesome, Jesus loves you
Stay safe, come home soon
The strongest people we love
Keep your head up and be safe
Respected by many
Great job, you’re a hero
Thank you for your dedication, to me you’re all heroes
Stay strong, never give up, thank you
Defend our country with heart
Selfless protection for our country
Everlasting support, we love our troops
Thanks guys
Go military, yea, you’re awesome xoxoxo
Thank you for your love, come home soon
Thank you for saving our country, y’all are amazing
Live a little
Military means dedication, protection, discipline
Thank you for protecting America, keep up the good work
Thank you for all that you do, we love you
Thank you for fighting for our country, God bless you
Our military is very strong and brave
Come home in one piece
Stay together and stay strong
Never give up, never surrender
We honor respect and honor your for your dedication to our country
The best of the best
Live for what comes after
Protectors of peace, guardians of freedom, harbingers of courage
Make for good video games
Thank you for protecting our country
Joining you possibly sometime soon
You guys are courageous, heroic, brave, hardworking and strong
I can’t thank you enough
You guys are great, thanks
All welcomed
Sweet, caring, giving because their giving their life to us.
Trust in God
Take care of yourself
Take care of your spirit
Come back safely
You are special
Thank you for serving USA
God will never forsake you
You are in our hearts
Jesus love you, John 3:16
Your country thanks you
Be safe. We love you
Thanks for everything, brother and sister
Keep up the excellent work
Remember, no day but today
You are worth so much
The light of God surrounds you, the love of God enfolds you, the power of God protects you, and the presence of God watches over you
Sing to the world
Blessed be, return safely troops
Go for Gold, eat pizza
Nan myoho renge kyo
You are the real time lords
May God bless and protect you
We’re here for you all when you return
We believe in our troops
Come home in 1 peace
The troops are the most awesome people
Find strength in pain; grow
My name is Olivia, I love you
Can’t wait till you come home
You rock, thanks for everything
Warm hugs delivered tout suite
Thanks for looking out for us
New beginning
We love and appreciate you
Speak truth to power, peace
In America we trust. Thank you
How can we express enough gratitude
Be strong, thinking of you
Left hook liberals love you
Serenity shared peace of mind
You are my hero, thanks
Ground zero, base of operation
God bless for all
Thank you, God blessings
Put a bird on it
Cynthia & Michael, thank God for your service
You’re amazing, yes you
Gratitude for all you’ve done
Love and best wishes, peace
May God keep you and your family safe
Come home safe and sound
Great job, thanks for freedom
Do a good job
I love you Joe
We have you in prayer
Don’t forget you are heroes
Hang in there peeps
Go with Godspeed for all
Third week doing this, & once again, we love you, thank you more than you know
With thanks for your service
Thanks for serving us! USA
Please come home safe
Much love, honor & respect
Jaguars getting better for you
Got the 1st beer when you get home
Geaux Saints! Superbowl 2013
Keep on trying tough guy
Because of you, I am free
I love you for serving
Great job
Thank you for defending our country
Fight the bad guys, thanks
One word, Amazing
Stay strong, keep faith, love
All the way
Thank you for helping our nations
Thank you for protecting our nation. We appreciate it a lot
Thanks for defending our country
Thank you for helping our country
First rate, good work
You are some brave soldiers
Great work, I’m proud of you
Thanks for defending my country
Thank you for all you did
Hello! Thank you for saving our country
You did good
Thanks for protecting my country
Yea for you
Peace because of your efforts
You’re a brave hero
Thanks for your help
You guys are super awesome
Love of God brings joy
Thank you for your service & for defending our country
Sunshine makes people feel better
Happy is a laughing man
Thanks for your outstanding service
Jesus loves the little children
Look laugh love and leave
Jacksonville is praying for you
Get ready you’re coming home
Had more fun with fairy houses
“Run Forest Run” said Jennie
Thoughts of you bring “Freedom”
Jacksonville is most grateful
Hope your dreams come true
Kick butt, take names later
You paid for our freedom
American Soldiers rock the world
Oh, how we love you
You are awesome dear soldier
Laughter is the best medicine
From Jacksonville Florida with love
May you always be loved
You are America’s best hero
Soldier, you rock my world
Your sacrifices are greatly appreciated
Glory be to the father
Loudly scream, we did it
You are so “Brave” heart
May God keep you safe
This little piggy goes home
May you always be right
You will be rewarded soon
We are so grateful soldier
Thanks for loving the USA
May you always be happy
Let freedom ring for America
Come home hip hip hooray
Someday, tell the real story
You are a wonderful gift
Hooray for red, white & blue
Always know you did good
You provided hope for our future
Thank you brave hearts
Love fast
your bravery=future lives
you=home of brave
You are the bravest
your patriotism = our thanks
Our thanks for your courage
Grateful for your service
Here’s to the future
We appreciate your bravery
You’ve done enough
America’s Soldiers = LOVE
Love from a grateful
I love what you’re doing
Thank you for giving me the protection I need
True heroes of America help others, thank you so much
Thank you for defending our country with your life
Thank you for giving me peace of mind
leadership, honor, integrity, love, duty, commitment, action, determination; what heroes like you have
Thank you, to whom every one of these goes to, I wish you the best and I know you guys work hard. I just thank you.
Thank you for for saving us and the world
Watch out for me on TV, I can sing “God Bless America.”
Thank you for taking your time and life for defending our country. Whenever this is over I hope everyone gets to come back safe and regroup with families and loved ones. -Love TJ
Thank you for everything you’ve done and everything you are doing. I really appreciate it. I know it’s hard for y’all to be away from your family but you will make it through in the name of Jesus. Thank you again.
Good fight, peace
Thank you for giving me the ability to be able to go to sleep at night
To my heroes at war, thank you for all you’ve done, you’re a real hero
Hello, my fellow troops. I just want you to know that we greatly appreciate you and all the hard work and dedication you all put forth into protecting our country. We love and respect you and your families will be waiting for you when you get home. May Jesus Christ be with you. John 3:16
Dear Troops, Even though Idku, I love you for everything u do! Ur in my prayers -Marcus W
His love (God’s) is everlasting
Praise the Lord for keeping you safe
Let the show begin
Love is all you need
You are great, you are as sweet as pie, I love you
Awesome work guys
I support my troops, keep up the good work
Everything is possible, just believe
Continue to be safe. Always have hope, peace and love among each other.
Please come home safely soon
Thank you, be safe, we’re proud of you, always in our prayers, God bless.
Thank you for protecting and keeping our freedom and liberties. God bless our troops.
Tap your feet and smile
Thank you, good luck, God bless, love, hope
We appreciate your great service
God bless, great job, we’re proud of what you do, encourage, stay positive
Welcome back home, keep the faith, thanks for all you do, many blessings, God bless you all
Know that God loves you
Hold your head up, tough times never last, sunshine comes, stay prayerful, you’re making a difference, you’re the world to someone
Jesus our Lord and Savior
Please come home now
Jesus is watching over you
I love Canaan and Tabitha
Our hope for the future
Come home safe, we miss you
Be encouraged, be all you can be, bravery, true soldiers blessed
May God bless you and keep you safe
Thank you for being courageous
Jesus loves you –John 14:1
Psalm 69:29
Do not withhold your mercy from me Lord; may your love and faithfulness always protect me -Psalm 40:11
You’re great for us
Thank you, we love and just thank you
John 14:27
I hope all of you come home safe and sound
God bless all of you and we are so thankful for all of you
May God be with you, nature is on your side
Hut two three four, hut to thank you for protecting our country
May the peace of the Lord be with you
We are praying for all of you
Peace and love to all the people
Hey hey you, you Army person, you are an awesome Army person everyday now
I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. Philippians 4:13
Let God be with you
Thank you for fighting for freedom
We are safe because of your courage
I’m a gummy bear and congratulations for being a hero
Thank you for making USA safe for us
Keep us safe
We thank you so very much for fighting for this country
May God protect and keep you
Thank you, be strong in the Lord
You are a blessing
You, are prayed for daily
FT’s hard, get it done and come home -Vietnam Vet
Come home safe, freedom America
Your selfless service ensures our freedom
God bless you-thanks
There is someone that wants you back in the “real world” -Vietnam Vet
You are the best, thanks
Blessings and thanks to our troops
Get er done and come home
I love to play with you
Happy Birthday
You’re the nicest
Smiley face
We are so proud of you sir
I love my dog
Thank you for everything you have done, you are awesome
Thank you for your peace
Good job, we love you
Thank you for helping us and making us safe
Good job, we love you, we’re so proud of you
Good job, thanks very much
We love you so much
Hope for USA, don’t die, win the war, justice
You have helped us a lot
Play Wii
Jacksonville’s love
Hope for all USA
Thanks for being a good troop
Thanks for doing what’s done
Thank you for saving our country
I care for you
Don’t get hurt, you’re awesome
Thank you for your help. Guarding our country is a huge responsibility
I hope for peace in the world
You’re awesome, you save us everyday
Love is hope, love is happiness
Thank you troops, you bring love to the USA
Thank you for your protection
Army strong
Troops are heroes of the USA, USA is the best
Be a good man, peace
Wish for family and you
Thank you,may God protect you, keep hope, hold on
I believe in you, thank you
Thanks so much and keep up the good work
Be a new hope, thanks
I have pride for the Veterans in the USA
Thank you for your service, I hope that you don’t get hurt
Thank you for your help. Guarding our country is a big responsibility
Thank you soldiers for everything
Thank y’all, you’re awesome
Keep working really hard, thank you
Thank you, stay strong, be happy
You’re brave
Peace to the world, please
You care for us and we care for you, we love you
America, safe because of you
Heroes who fight for us
good doing
patriot, courage, honor, thanks for being all of these
Thanks for your perseverance
Keep on loving and fun
You are the best, guys
Love you lots, thank you
Thanks so much, stay strong
God bless America, thank you
Hope, joy, you have it
God bless you and your families
God bless, you’re a brave soul
You are courageous and kind
Don’t stop fighting, come home
Love, hope, freedom is Everything
Thank you, God bless America
Love your family, care, joy
Thanks for fighting for the USA
Thank you so so much
You do what scares me
You are full of faith, love, peace, trust, and bravery
You greatly inspire me always
Your bravery inspires me
You sacrifice all for us
You are an amazing person
Love is what really matters
Pride in our American soldiers
All of our soldiers rock
Joy to the soldiers families
All good soldiers are loved
America land that I protect
Soldiers, we are so grateful
Tomorrow, today, tell the world
Soldiers rock our world yeah
All Americans, thank you soldiers
You are in our thoughts
Loving thoughts for your family
Soldiers make the best men
Pride, outstanding service for America
Your dedication is inspiring
Be safe, be strong
Now forever, loving soldiers and sons
Smile soldier, we love you
Love is what makes babies
America, land that I love
Smile we all love you
Thanks for your sacrifice
Who loves ya baby? Smile
Gratitude for your service
Our soldiers gave their lives
Soldiers serve all Americans
Your courage is admirable
America, land that I serve
Rock on rock on soldier
Thanks for your dedication
Love is all that matters
American the beautiful, thank you
America land that I love
America thanks you
God bless you, our soldiers
God grant you his protection
Thank you for serving, God bless
Looking forward to your homecoming
Thank you for your honor
Be strong come home safe
You give our future hope
You are thought of everyday
Live with no regrets, God loves you
USA owes you
Be safe you are missed
Admiring your courage and strength
You are wonderful thank you
My hero
Be all you can be
For your sacrifice, we are blessed
Courage and strength sent to you
We love and miss you
Many blessings to you and yours
You keep us safe everyday
Thank you for our safety
Thanks for our freedom, USA
Thanks for the effort and dedication
Thanks! You are missed, remembered and honored at home
So very proud of you
Hang in there
Jesus love you, thank you
Thanks, we love you
Keep your faith and trust in Him
You are all in our prayers, return home safely
Thank you a million times
We are so proud of you! Thanks for the great service to the nation and the world
Thank you for sacrificing
Hold your head up
God is always on your side. We love you all
You are the true superman! Thank you
Your sacrifice is not forgotten
We are blessed by you
We love you! Go USA
Good job always staying strong
Your courage doesn’t go unnoticed
You are the true heroes
Thank you come home soon
Your commitment is so important
You are all so strong
Keep your head held high
We appreciate your hard work
Thank you every single day
Your courage is unbelievably amazing
You are so very brave
We love your extreme strength
Your strength is so remarkable
Thank you for your perseverance
Your courage is amazing, daily
God bless you and the country
We believe in you, always
Your strength doesn’t go unnoticed
We appreciate all of you
Good job always being courageous
You are so very patriotic
Keep believing in our freedom
Stay strong, we thank you
Free because of your sacrifice
One nation for us all
You make our country great
Free because of your courage
Your sacrifice allows our freedom
We’re free because of you
Our fallen heroes aren’t forgotten
Your sacrifice inspires us all
You make our country special
Free because of your bravery
We’ll remember your courage always
Your courage is awe inspiring
Thanks for defending the constitution
Your courage inspires us all
Come home soon and safe
Semper fi sig larie brother
Thank you come home now
semper fi
I love you Bobby
Free because of your service
God bless the United States
You are our greatest heroes
Your courage is so inspiring
Thank you for our liberty
Thanks for sacrificing for us
Your honor is not forgotten
Freedom is never free
We’ll remember your sacrifice always
Thanks for defending us
Thank you for your strength
Thanks for your hard work
Your efforts are very appreciated
We appreciate your strength everyday
For God and our country
We commend your hard work
Your hard work is amazing
Your courage is always appreciated
You are a hero daily
Thank you for your time
Keep supporting our amazing country
You’re the best, love you
Freedom is thanks to you
Hey, Uncle Chris -Matt
Thanks for your years -Fern
Freedom is important to me
Fish with not eyes? FSH
Thank you so much for all you’ve done! I love you! God Bless
My hero, brave, dedicated, strong, beautiful
Thanks for your sacrifice soldier
We love and pray for you
May God bless and keep you
We appreciate you everyday
We love and thank you
I love my freedom
We love you in Florida
I love freedom, yay
Freedom is very very good
You are a huge inspiration
Go America
Thank you for sacrificing everything for our freedom -Nolen
You are a true patriot
I love my freedom, yay
Thanks doesn’t begin to describe it
Your service is pretty “dope”
Good luck out there, men
We got him, thank y’all
Thanks for spreading truth, justice and the American way
Thank you for all you have done
Freedom is a great thing
Everyday I thank God you’re alive, thank you
Stay strong, never give up
Thank you for everything, sincerely
Thank you for your selfless dedication
Thank you so much for your service
Thank you to our heroes
Thank you for your duty
Thank you for keeping our country safe -Cameron
Thanks for your honor and courage
Your sacrifices have kept our freedom alive
Come home safely
Thank you for your extreme bravery
Thank you for your sacrifice and our freedom
Down to earth
Thank you so much for being our heroes
They are the true heroes
We love you, God bless
Come home alive
Thanks for our lives, USA
We’re here because of you
You are a hero, thank you
Pay attention at all times
Thank you, now come home
I serve you and troops
Love is from the infinite
God and peace be with you
Thanks for supporting our freedom
Be loyal, honest and respectful
The seeker of love escapes
Oh beautiful for patriot dreams
When in hell, keep going
I like to be honest
Our military rocks
Thank you for your selfless acts
I like to move it
Gain strength from your journey
Come home, we are waiting
God bless you, you are nice, shake it
Thank you sooo much
Thank you for everything you have done for us
May God protect you always
Thank you soldiers -Chi&son
Eat drink and be merry, argh
So proud of you all
God remembered sacrifices small and big
We love you God bless
Life at time can be difficult but there are memories to reminisce about
Bless the brave soldiers, I show my gratitude
You are an amazing contribution to the planet
Peace stems from within love shines thru
Go you, don’t forget Cats
We are what we fight for
Forever thankful for your sacrifices
Get home safe, thank you
Whiskey before breakfast go USN
Bless you my precious souls
Thank you guys a lot
Blue skies are calling
Welcome home and good luck
Dude come home safe for love
You gotta keep on truckin’
Keep your head up
Live it up! Miss y’all
Keith F., come back safe, please.
Come home safe and sound <3
Life is short, have fun
The truth is inside you
Keep the good fight brothers
Fema is up to you
Thanks for everything, brave men
Be happy, safe, humorous and blessed
You won’t regret it
Yo, just know that we do care
Only two people have ever offered to die for us: Jesus and a U.S. Soldier
Cannot thank you enough
Thanks for defending our home
Your sacrifice is much appreciated
So proud of your work
Love, peace, Jesus loves you
Hope you are safe (in a bottle -love B)
Thankful for all you do
Thanks for what you do
Jeremiah 29:11, thank you
God loves you, me too
Beer, ladies, America, heck yes
I’ll see you soon guys
Sacrifice for our freedom, thanks
Keeping you in our prayers
Nobody greater than you
You’re the best, thank you
Thanks for giving your everything
Faith, Jn 3:16; hope, pride, love
You are loved, my hero
Bravery is in your soul
Thank you for your selflessness
You go girl/boy woot-woot
The Cove! The truth
I’d be there if I could
Keep on keeping on, thanks
Your loved ones miss you
Thank you for your services
Take care of you
Thank you for your lives
God bless come home soon
Please come home soon, thanks
Hail Mary full of grace
You’re doing a great job, keep up the good work
Be happy, love your job
My most sincere gratitude
Thank you, you are EPIC
Keep your head down -REO USASA
Great job thank you
Support our troops, brave, trust
I love you Chris K.
You don’t realize your worth
Thank you have a grateful day
Bravery at its best! Thank you
Be safe, thank you
Be prepared
Thanks for your continued support
Gracias por protegernos
Thanks for your love
Thank you, God bless
Thank you be safe
Thank you and be blessed
Love to all, come home
Be safe and come home
Return safe
I appreciate your courage
Please stay strong for us
Thank you for your inspiration
I love the art
God bless, thanks for all
Thanks for tilting your wing
You are a brave inspiration
God protect our troops
Keep on doing your job
When life gives you lemons, make grape juice, then sit back and watch the world wonder how you did it
Be safe and come home safe
Be careful, be safe Army
Respect for all religions and people
Be good, not just great
Don’t lose your humanity
Continue doing what you’re doing
Courage is not bravery, it’s the belief that you can do something
May God’s blessing and protection be over you
You’re inspiring, thank you
6 week day?
We appreciate all you do
Keep your head down
I am so thankful for your service
We care about you
God bless you -love, E
We support all you do
Fight the good fight
God bless you, always care
We love you come home
Come home soon brothers, amen
No more taxes
Thanks for serving this country
Come back home soon please
Thanks, keep the hope alive
Live free or die hard
Enjoy freedom, never forget, sacrifice
Not forgotten, stand strong, thanks
Off we go into the wild blue yonder
Love, miss, cherish, husband, best friend
The few. The proud. The Marines
Anchors aweigh, my boys, anchors aweigh
His truth is marching on
Faith, courage, service true with honor over all
Nothing’ll stop the U.S. Air Force
Lay to rest with quiet dignity
Till our final ride, it will always be our pride
Love, thoughts and prayers are with you and those you love
We served because we love freedom -US Navy
American hero, always giving, faithful, honest, and caring
Super hero, truth, justice, battle & the American way
God bless you soldier
Good luck, be brave
Go Navy, Go Army, Go USMC, Go Coast Guard, God Bless America
Special friends
Fight for our land
Be brave
Smile, God loves you
God bless you always
Robin M. Smith 01-1969 Vietnam
Love you for your service
Heart felt thanks to you
Thanks for your bravery
Peace, joy be yours today
Thanks for love to USA
May God look after you
Thank you, a blessing
God will take care of you
Love, peace fill your heart
Thanks for the sacrifice
Be courageous
Smile, you are loved
You are always in prayer
God bless your family
We are forever grateful
You are missed at home
You are fighting for justice, don’t be unfair to other people
You are loved always thanks
Know that you are loved
God bless you stay safe
You gave us freedom
Don’t fear any enemy
We miss you
Thank you for fighting
God bless America, you and family
Come home soon, God bless
You have given courage, hope
God Bless America and you
You are a special angel
Angels will protect you always
My prayers are for you
Family awaits your home coming
God bless the courageous soldier
Your efforts bring peace
Be strong, peace is soon
Your family is very loved
You are a shining star
Appreciate you now and forever
Family, USA pray for you
Heartfelt love
Thank you for doing your best
Your sacrifice is our freedom
Peace and love to you
You are loved, sending love
You will be home soon
Our deepest gratitude to you
Love one another
We will always pray much
You are awesome
Trust in the Lord
Your efforts are appreciated
A blessing
Courage, sacrifice to our country
Hope you come home soon
You protect, we pray always
We love you, come home
You inspire our young people
In God we still trust
We will keep on praying
May your service inspire others
We care and love you
Thank you, we will pray
Love out loud
You preserve freedom for us
Be home soon, family awaits
My prayers are with you
Smile a little smile daily
Best wishes to you and yours
We love and support you
Put on the armor of God
Freedom for us, given by you
Angels are guarding you always
Thank God in all things
You make us proud Americans
God is your sanctuary always
Stay safe, come home soon soldier
God, keep you safe always
You are doing God’s work
God is your shelter always
Be strong and stay safe
May you come home soon
Our love comes to you
We love that you serve
New day, new you
Joy of the Lord
A willing spirit
For everything you do….thanks
Heroes each and every one
Blessed to be a blessing
You are appreciated and loved
No limits, strength always
You make our country proud
I thank God for you
Holding back the enemy…daily
America is praying for you
Thanks for being a Military hero
See ya soon, boys, Hooah
Boundless love, forever thankful
Go team USA
No fear, rescuers of others
Thanks for saving our country
Be love
Powerful presence without fear
Indebted to you always and forever
Courageous warriors of freedom
We’re proud of your valor and determination
I am appreciative of you
Appreciate your bravery, courage & valor
Heroes, mentors, devoted to others
Unstoppable force
God bless you for serving, I love you
Grateful for you sacrifice
Come home safely, God speed
Thank you for our lives, USA
Thank you, come home soon
I love my football team
God speed
Our future is looking bright
Remember, you are loved
You are awesome, thank you
I have a cat
Washington was the first president
Abe Lincoln was a good man
Life is good
George Washington was a president
God is an awesome person
Especially our food
Keep our best people alive
Don’t be mean, be nice, be joyful, dodge the bullets
Thank you for your service, good luck
Don’t be blue, don’t be mean, don’t feel bad, don’t give up, don’t be sad
You need a hug, NOW
Be free, have faith, don’t get hurt
Love God, have freedom, fight good, don’t give up
Keep on fighting for us
Good job. Fight for us. Don’t hurt each other. Nice fighting. Be happy you’re fighting.
Be happy. Have Parties. Have good times. Have nice friends. Try your best to win.
Thank you for fighting for me
Protect our country please
We love you all guys
You deserve ice cream today
You can fight for power
Be good. Care for kids. Be nice. Be careful. Win every battle.
Be yourself. Be smart. Get together. You’re sweet. We love you.
Be sweet. Stay alive. Be good. Be nice. Don’t lie.
Be strong. Do good. Care. Be good. Be a helpful team.
Yes, you can do it

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  1. betty Ann Tomlinson #
    May 22, 2012

    This so great Thank you for putting up all the messages.

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