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Big order at Lowe’s

March 26th, 2012


Today I placed a big one to get the lumber and supplies for the panels. We have 3 constructed and I purchased enough material for 27 more. Hopefully we’ll stop at 28 panels.

So here’s the list:

84 – 2x4x8′-0 for the frames and legs
30 – 1x4x8′-0 for the stretcher that holds the light on each frame
108 – Simpson angle Z brackets to secure each corner of the frame
9 boxes of 100 SD#8×1-1/4″ screws for the brackets
4 – 4’x8’x 3/8″ plywood for the connection plates
3 boxes 1-1/4″ galvanized deck screws for the plates
44 pieces vinyl corner bead for the panel holding strips

This does not include the paint and lighting system, which I will get on another trip. Oh, and a couple more tubes of caulk. I go through about 3 a day. Tomorrow the delivery truck will drop off at Dolf’s studio where he will rip the 2x4s for the frames. Then I’ll look for some volunteers for sanding and painting. Hey, where did everybody go?

Sneak peek at Panel 7…

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